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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 2:31 AM

These are reports and initiatives by the office of Texas State senator Eliot Shapleigh. Published with permission of the of the office of Eliot Shapleigh these articles concern the situation that Juarez and Mexico in general is facing.

Beyond Merida

Developing the US-MEX Border Region

Reducing Border Delays-Finding and Options

Merida Initiative

Mexico-US Relations - Issues for Congress

New Border Vision

U.S.-Mexican Security Cooperation: the
Mérida Initiative and Beyond

Silver or Lead- The New Yorker

Speech by U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual at the Border Security Conference 

Mexican Cartels and Their Integration into Mexican Socio-Political Culture

Report from the office of Texas State Senator Eliot Shapleigh aobut drug cartels in Mexico

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