Peace of Art Fund

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:14 AM

Peace of Art started a Designated Funds
These funds provide lasting support for purposes you designate. In setting up a donor-designated fund, you may designate a local agency or group of agencies or cause to receive annual grants from your fund. Or you may choose a cause you care about, such as health or education, and the Foundation will make grants from your fund to address these needs every year. If the need ceases, the fund income will be redirected to a similar program.Field of Interest Funds
These funds support a particular area of concern, such as domestic violence, Education, Access to Health Care or Childcare. The Frontera Women’s Foundation's Board of Trustees awards grants from the income of the fund on the basis of competitive applications to the most appropriate programs or organizations within the field specified.

Peace of Art Fund:

An advisory committee has been established.

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