Villas de Salvarcar 1 yr Anniversary

Monday, January 31, 2011 10:23 PM
Just got back from an event held at the border fence between the US and Mexico. This event was to remember the people who were killed at Villas de Salvarcar one year ago tomorrow.

There were people on both sides of the border raising their voices. Speaking out against such senseless acts of violence. There were a series of events during the week that will culminate at Villas de Salvarcar tonight for a fast and vigil. Peace of Art posters will be up in the library at Villas de Salvarcar for a few days...

Villas de Salvarcar... what a horrific event... a massacre of youth and innocent people. That violent event is what sparked The Peace of Art: Design for Change project. It has been a year already and sadly, there have been numerous events like the Villas de Salvarcar Massacre reported throughout 2010.

What is happening? Why doesn't the violence end? I asked myself these questions while I walked in the desert towards the fence that borders with Mexico. Hundreds of people in the desert separated by a wire fence yet united by our pain, suffering and hunger for justice and peace.

I listened to women, the hurting mothers of the kids killed one year ago, speak. I couldn't help but tremble as they remembered their children and demanded justice.

I listened to college students speak out against the militarization in Cd. Juárez. Their voices reflected anger, rage and somehow... they also reflected hope.

I listened to activists give us statistics of the killings, numbers. But you see, numbers aren't just numbers, they are people. They gave statistics of the abusive police and military. They spoke of the lack of care shown by the Mexican government officials at every level and branch.

I listened to the crowd... on the Mexican side cry out, "ESTAMOS SOLOS!" "WE ARE ALONE!" and my heart broke... a couple of tears rolled.

The sun was shining bright, the wind began to pick up and the desert sand was all over my clothing, hair and face. I was hot and so I looked for some shade. I leaned on the fence while musicians and poets expressed themselves. I leaned on the fence and took some video. I watched as people talked, sang and cried. Some peole were talking with people on the Mexican side.I looked towards the US side and I realized that our brothers and sister in Cd. Juarez are not alone. Hundreds of them were there to support Juarenzes.

I leaned on the fence and I felt someone touch me. I looked back towards Mexico and a young man asked me in a broken English, "what is your name?" I responded, "Sandra, cual es tu nombre? (what is yours?)" he said, "Carlos". He stared at me and with a mona lisa expression, he asked, "why are you here?" I answered, "Porque me importas. (Because I care about you.)" He nodded and walked away.

The event continued with many speakers, activists and musicians. I decided to leave. As I walked back to my car, I thought about what I had told Carlos. I told him I care about him. I don't even know him. I had never seen him before. I probably will never see him again. I asked myself, "Do I really care?" and my heart answered for me, "Yes, we care."

Below is a video of the Border Fence Event.

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