“Todos somos uno mismo” “We are all one” By Carlos Zacarias

Thursday, April 7, 2011 12:53 AM

The poster states the phrase, “Todos somos uno mismo / We are all one.” What I am trying to say is that all Mexicans, together, we can make peace. To compliment the phrase, I created an image of eight different hands strategically placed one on another to create the shape of a dove. The dove is a symbol of peace and the hands are in different olors to represent the union amongst human beings regardless of their color, race, religion, or regardless if they are right or left, opened or closed. What is important, is that there exists a goal in order to achieve what we are looking for.

Poster by Carlos Zacarias

The colors have a meaning, just like the hand position:

White: (the wing) innocence, peace, childhood, divinity, absolute stability, serenity and harmony.

Pink: (head and extremity) ingenuity, kindness, tenderness, good feelings, absence of evil.

Green: (the chest and back) hope, nature, youth, wishfulness, rest and balance

Blue: (upper back) trust, affection, friendship, faithfulness and love.

Purple: (wing and part of the chest) absence of tension, calmness, self control, dignity and nobility.

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