Somos Mas los Buenos que los Malos / We are More Good than Bad by Alessandro Esparza

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 7:36 PM

This poster represents a crowd watching a creature composed by different parts of Cd. Juarez. The creature uses the city’s beauty to cover the ugliness of the situation. It uses recognizable city sites: the Catedral forms its shoulders, the city streets form the back and one can also recognize the Monument to Benito Juarez.

The creature shows an expression of dismay and fear as he realizes that all the people are looking at him as if he is invading the people's property.

The poster shows another way to use symbolic elements, as sometimes they are use as reference in design. In this case, peace is not represented as a white dove. Peace is represented as all of us, our city and its honest citizens. Although fear is taking us away from peace, we are more good than bad. We need to realize that there are more good than bad and we need to understand that together we can face this situation of violence as a society. But it can only be achieved through unity.

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