Shadow By Ivan Garcia

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 1:55 AM

“News…only bad news resulti in the easiest form of promotion for thieves, drug dealers, kidnappers, assasins, etc… but what about rapists?” I thought.

I turned off the television, then, Perictone, Plato’s mother said to me, “Most women in my day had a restringed life, a “Home-centered” confined by the social traditions. I add to that, “and were looked at as simple sexual objects.”

My education makes me hate female abuse. When designing this poster, in a way, I became a woman and thought, suffered and raised my voice like them. The phrase I used is a combination of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sarah M. Grimke, both of them warriors for women’s rights. The silhouette is the image of my beloved friend, “Ely” whom, like many other women, suffered sexual abuse.

My message is to all men, treat women with Peace for they give us life.


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