Peace Begins with a Smile

Monday, October 8, 2012 7:38 AM

I once read this quote by the gracious Mother Teresa, "Peace begins with a smile." It made me smile and sure enough, I felt a peace within. This quote has stayed with me and I have thought about its meaning.

I decided to experiment with smiles. I consciously walk around genuinely smiling and realized that it makes me feel great. Whenever I smile to a complete stranger, their face changes. I smile while speaking with someone on the phone and people notice a difference. When dealing with a potential client, smiles help close the deal. When I smile to anyone providing me with a service, they treat me so much better and they smile back. I was in Juarez a few days ago and went to a pharmacy to buy some aspirin, with a smile I said good morning and asked for the aspirin. The pharmacist smiled back, we did the transaction and before I left she said, "you know ma'am, your smile brought a breathe of fresh air to me. Made me feel good, it energized me. We need more of that in this city. Thank you." I smiled back and walked away. Heck, I've noticed that smiling has helped me in the dating arena, guys are more attracted to the girl that smiles. I've tried smiling through a difficult situation and sure enough, it won't solve the problem, but it keeps me calm.

I see the results of a smile but I still cannot understand how something as simple as a smile can have that kind of impact. The thing is, that smiles do make a difference in people's lives and it does have a ripple effect. I wonder how far a smile can go? How much of an impact can it really have in society? Can a smile carry so much influence to where it is the first step towards attaining PEACE? I marvel at that. :)

Please help us bring smiles to children in Cd. Juarez. Participate in the "Giving Hearts" Project.

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