No Solo Pidas Paz/Don't Just Ask for Peace by Lorenzo Ortiz

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 8:42 PM

This poster express the fact that most of the people are asking for peace all the time, but we don’t have peace in our lives, therefore is hard to share that feeling with others.

Clearly, the struggle for peace is not just a work of Government Institutions, social or even religious groups. This labor must start by us as a part of a society so it can be reflected in our home/family and as a result builds a strong sense of community.

This poster doesn’t have the intention to make a criticism against religion or personal beliefs, indeed, the hand that comes down from heaven refers to; all the people that expect someone else to come and solve their problems. Most of these people blame others for not providing solutions. The hand can also represent  “the supreme power of government”, that can’t be attributed to God, but to a coincidence or a chance.

It’s true peace does not solely depend on “me”, but it should start with  “me” and only trough example can I as an individual demand the same from everyone else.

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