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Monday, April 11, 2011 4:50 AM

  I want people to know that peace can defeat violence, war, injustice and everything bad that exists today. The game piece is in the shape of a dove which is a symbol of peace and The opponent game piece in the shape of a gun which represents violence. I placed them in a chess game and peace is the victor because if all of us, unite, would face injustice, intolerance and hate, we could surely win.  I chose to depict this in a game of chess because chess is a game and mental sport, even a game of strategy. The game can be used as a tool to further develop one’s intellect.  The dove takes the place of the white queen, it represents good. The gun takes the place of the black queen, it represents evil. The pieces take the place of the queen because in the game, the queens move in every direction on the board.  Peace and violence also move in any given direction in our lives.

Jaquie by Juan Rocha

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