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Thursday, April 5, 2012 5:01 AM

Let me tell you a little about Peace of Art. :)

Peace of Art: Design for Change is an exhibit that presents posters of social protest designed by professional and student designers to create awareness of the situation of violence in Cd, Juarez. To give a face to the violence and help people understand that the violence changes people’s lives. It is a display of Peace and/or protest on both sides of the border.

More importantly, Peace of Art will raise funds that will aid Cd. Juarez victims and their families.

We are happy to announce that this project has grown much since last year. The exhibit has traveled to many cities including EP, Austin, Tucson, Las Cruces, Cd.Juarez, Mexico CIty, Aguascalientes, etc... We have taken the exhibit to various colleges and universities where we exhibit the artwork and lecture about the situation of violence. We give a face to the violence and ask students to think about their role in the cycle of violence. We also touch on the importance that art, specifically graphic design can play when there are situations of social injustice.

We have been very successful when it comes to creating awareness and educating people on both the U.S. and Mexico, but we are struggling with raising funds to help out people. We have managed to raise enough money to help out a young woman named Liliana. Below is a summary of her story.

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