Downtown Juarez

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 2:01 AM

I went to Juarez yesterday. Parked on this side of the border and walked across the bridge. I went to buy all my ingredients for the tamales I will attempt to make on Xmas eve. As I walked the strip... I was saddened by the emptiness of the street. A ghost town....

I walked towards la catedral... heart of downtown Juarez and before I knew it... I was in the midst of a buzzing downtown Juarez. What an amazing discovery. I could barely walk... vendors selling pinole, naranjas, canela, pasas, calabazitas, romeritos.... oh and the aroma of the tortilleria. I bought my masa and walked a few blocks for the fresh corn leaves...

Vendors selling birds, xmas wrapping paper, toys, the piñatas, and everything one could imagine. I became lost in the sea of people and just went with the flow... I was enjoying it... the sun was just perfect...the aromas... the people... suddenly... I walked into a puddle... hahaha it was great! It took me back to the days as a child when mother would take us to buy all the things for the posadas. Man... that is how I remember Cd. Juarez... people everywhere... I wish I would have had a camera with me...

Before I knew it, I had purchased all my ingredients and decided to walked back to El Paso. On the way, I stopped at a food stand and bought some gorditas... and of course, a coca cola mmmm delicious!

As I walked the bridge, the sun was setting and a cool breeze felt wonderful on my cheeks. I waited for my turn to cross and I wondered about Juarez. People came out... people were buying gifts, preparing for their xmas parties and posadas. People will come out and celebrate. I hope everyone in Cd. Juarez will have a great holiday season and I sure do hope that as a community, we can put this bloody and deadly year behind us and hope and fight for a peaceful new year.

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