Dialogo = Paz / Dialogue = Peace By Rebecca Ramirez

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:44 AM

Dialogo y Paz

Peace and dialoge belong with one another. Peace is a state of well-being and balance while dialogue is having the will to attain it. It is not a scream nor silence. It is simple, it is a willingness to listen to others and and then have the courage to speak.

To attain peace, there must be a longing for it and to understand dialogue in its essence. Within peace, dialogue is a process that happens time and time again. It starts with an openess to an encounter with the intention to reach and agreement or to interchange ideas. To dialoge is to manifest empathy, respect and tolerance while quietly listening. Listening to understand and understand in order to express your point of view.

Dialogue calls us to wake up in a situation and search to fix a conflict without the need for violence against anybody. Searching for peace via violence, that is not peace.

Dialogue is the strongest voice without having to raise your voice. It surpasses limits of indifference and demands strength in order to leave behind silence’s apathy.

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