Depende de ti / It Depends on You By Leticia Lopez Padilla

Monday, February 14, 2011 8:56 PM

Depende de ti / It Depends on You

The goal is Peace, so one must go after something positive through a regimen. This regimen will not show us any type of violence. On the contrary, we also have the option to show something negative in order to create a positive in the audience. As for me, I am inclined to not use any negative elements. I chose to show peace from within. This takes me to the abstract concept of tolerance. Peace begins within oneself. If you carry it (peace), then you will spread it and will impact in a positive way. In this way, a chain of peace carriers will be created. So from something small, just like we(humans) are, we can create something immense which will take over if the message was shared and understood correctly. This is why the human figure has no face, so that the audience can see it and identify themselves and imagine their face in it.

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