Cuando la Paz se va... / When Peace Leaves... By Irma Carrillo

Monday, January 24, 2011 2:23 AM

The topic of violence many times is far away from the rest of us who do not live what is happening in Cd. Juárez. Yet, all of us to some point, have suffered any given type of violence and/or descrimination, intolerance by certain ideologies. In this poster, I wanted to express that the absence of peace turns everything into violence. The absence of peace is evidence of intranquility, agression, defensive attitudes... without using an image of violence, I wish to provoke in the spectator the nostalgia for a feeling of tranquility, security and happiness... regardless of where they live. The world functions with peace. People can evolve, they can live, they can grow, they can enjoy life. I believe peace begins within ourselves, we need to project it and spread it with others... like a chain that will reflect in society.

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