Colgar los Tenis / Hang the Sneakers by Jair Tapia

Monday, October 29, 2012 6:02 AM

Colgar los Tenis by Jair Tapia is this week's poster. He explains, "The semiotic conventions from both sides of the border regarding the image of a pair of sneakers hanged from power lines, state signifiers that I was interested in addressing through my graphic work. In Mexico, the expression, 'colgar los tenis' (hanging the sneakers) is common slang for dying. But it is also believed that more than just an expression, the literal action of throwing the sneakers is a sort of urban ritual that honors a recent deceased. This last association is shared by some parts of the U.S. There is another connotation that comes primarily from the U.S. Sneakers that are found like this, signify that illegal drugs are sold in that specific geographical area. With all of these associations in mind, the metaphor of the gigantic shoes that are damagaing the city, hopefully will speak for itself to viewers."

Colgar los Tenis

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