Todos Somos Uno Mismo / We are One in the Same by Carlos Zacarias

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 7:47 PM


My poster is a reflection about the Mexico’s situation and how this problem is affecting important social values, such as: equality, tolerance and solidarity among others.

This image shows that if we work together will be easy to get results. Eight hands in different positions simulate a dove, which is the main symbol of peace and I chose different colors in each hand symbolizing the union between nations and people regardless of race, religion, skin color or beliefs. That’s why the poster is called "We are one in the same”

The colors chosen for this poster have a reason:

White: Innocence, peace, children, absence of evil.

Green: nature, youth, desire and balance.

Pink: Ingenuity and kindness.

Blue: Harmony, friendship and loyalty.

Purple: Absence of tension, calmness, dignity and nobility. ­

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