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PEACE OF ART: Design for Change
July 8, 2010

Peace of Art: Design for Change is an exhibit that presents posters of social protest designed by professional and student designers to create awareness of the situation of violence in Cd, Juarez. To give a face to the violence and help people understand that the violence changes people’s lives. It is a display of Peace and/or protest on both sides of the border.

More importantly, Peace of Art will raise funds that will aid Cd. Juarez victims and their families.

Designers with roots from the borderland (Cd. Juarez and El Paso)

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) graphic design department students are participating. The Design professors have assigned the poster as a graded project. The best posters will be displayed along with the professional posters.

The University of Cd. Juarez/ Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez (UACJ) is conducting a similar exhibit showcasing 60 posters, “Ideas por la Paz” or “Ideas for Peace” which compliments the “Peace of Art. “We are joining efforts and will exhibit the show on both sides of the border.

50 elementary school children will also submit drawings on “Peace.”


“Peace of Art: Design for Change” will raise money through donations taken at the exhibit and the project’s website. Proceeds will go to a fund that will distribute the help to the victims of violence.

www.PeaceOfArtShow.org will feature an on-line gallery of the posters and the artists’ statements.  It will feature the stories of many victims along with information on the fund and the process.

A catalog featuring the artwork, the project and the victims will be available for sale at the website and the exhibit.

Peace of Art is a traveling exhibit and will display in 6 different places in El Paso in order to reach people from all parts of town.

We will create a documentary of the “Peace of Art: Design for Change” and its impact.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 12:56 AM
this is cool. I will be there!
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 7:03 PM
This is such a great idea!!!! Thank you for this awesome iniciative!

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